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AA-CC Research & Testing

 Case Study Deep Dive 

Research Strategy.

Goals & Questions

Research Methods

Affinity Diagramming.

All the Qualitative data from the Interviews was analysed and sorted using an affinity diagram in order to discover the key takeaways.

Key Research Takeaways.

Key insights emerged from the research, I learned that:

  1. People want to work with, partner with or employ honest and trustworthy businesses

  2. People value independent feedback about a company. This can be determined via Google ratings, social media posts, forums, & testimonials. Social verification is extremely important.

  3. People value independent certification (government or otherwise) as this demonstrates a companies willingness to be transparent. 

  4. Other critical factors are involved in the decision making process such as the perceived quality of the service & the cost

  5. People are unclear and confused about the relationship of AA-CC with the government and the ACCC

Card Sorting.

The card sorting exercise was a really important way to get insights into how users actually go about searching for a business and what categories are important to them (ABN, business name etc.)

Search Insights

  1. People generally search either via 'Business Name' or by ‘Industry Type’ and ‘Location’

  2. People are often unfamiliar with the Trading Name, ABN-ACN

  3. People don’t know what Certification Number is


User personas were developed from the qualitative data gained throughout all stages of research. These will continue to be refined and expanded as more research is conducted. Here are 2 of the Personas:

Usability Testing Results.

The moderated usability study highlighted several key usability issues. These are described in more detail here:

Unintuitive Search Functionality 

Users really struggled with the search functionality as it wasn’t intuitive and prioritised searching for categories users were unfamiliar with such as ‘Certification number’ and ‘ABN.’

Confusion between Creating Account & Logging In

Users got confused when trying to create an account as the ‘login’ fields and ‘creating account’ fields shared the same page.

Log In almost Impossible to Find

Users who had created an account had trouble finding how to log back in. The ‘log in’ link was in the footer which made it impossible to find. Technically users could click on the ‘Register’ link in the nav which would allow them to ‘log in’ as well. But this did not match users mental models.

Not enough business information

The business profiles didn’t have enough meaningful information for users. The small about blurb was not sufficient. They wanted more information in order to be easily able to determine if the company was capable of providing the service they were looking for.

Final Product Header1.jpg

Continue with the AA-CC Case Study.

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