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ZenLux is a portable zen garden which offers an ambient and interactive mindfulness experience. It was designed to relieve stress and enable the user to be more productive. It was built as a medium-fidelity prototype using Arduino and raw materials for a university project.

Physical Computing + Wearable

My role: UX research, Prototyping & Arduino development

Co-collaborators: Jason Moisiadis & Adam Vozzo

How it works

ZenLux relies on a wearable such as an Apple Watch to collect biometric data such as the users heart rate.

ZenLux uses colour theory to reflect the users state of being and let them know if they are getting stressed and less productive. Cool colours are associated with relaxed states, whilst warm colours represent stress.

Once the user reaches a certain point ZenLux will lead the user through Zen mindfulness exercises in order to de-stress.

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