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Historia is an online Ancient History learning application designed to make education fun through gamification. It was designed for a uni subject in which I also built the front-end of the Desktop/Mobile version to act as a High Fidelity prototype.

Web App + iOS

My role: All UI + UX design +

Front-End Development

Historia Users

The target users for Historia were high school students and University students. Based on qualitative and quantitative data gathered by surveys and interviews it became apparent that these students had different needs. These can be seen in the Personas below:

Paul Stanley

Age: 13 years old

Occupation: High School student

“I find history boring. I need it to be exciting to pay attention.”

Claudia Lin

Age: 16 years old

Occupation: High School student

“I need an incentive to work hard. Especially if I don’t really like it.”

Jackson Peters

Age: 21 years old

Occupation: University student

“I need to see how what I’m learning is relevant to the world today.”

Gamification Solution

The solution to Historia was to create an online learning environment with many gamification features that made learning exciting, interactive and rewarding. The content was designed to connect historical insight with today’s issues and be open to draw from popular culture references.

Interactive Games

Animated Video Lectures

Choose a Character

Level up

Multi Platform

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