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Intrax website.

 ui/ux design 

Project Overview.

Intrax required a complete redesign of their current website in order to drastically improve the user experience and to provide a major brand overhaul to reflect the calibre of their company as a top-tier Civil Engineering firm in Australia.


On this project I primarily worked on visual design (High Fidelity UI) as well as some information architecture. I also developed a comprehensive style guide which ended up becoming a small design system. This will allow Intrax to scale future external & internal projects.

Rethinking the Key Users.

The website went through a major redesign from the information architecture upwards. The business was split into two separate brands (Intrax Projects & Intrax Housing) in order to better meet the needs of different user groups. Each brand essentially had it's own new website. Users could be onboarded to the relevant brand via the Intrax Group landing page.

High Fidelity Designs.

Intrax Projects - Home Page.

Intrax Projects - Portfolio Page.

Intrax Projects - Individual Portfolio Page.

Intrax Projects - Mobile.

Style Guide & Design System.

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