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Finance Company Client

This Finance company was a work client that required a total redesign of their website and services. We were able to work with customers and stakeholders to drastically simplify their services in order to give their customers a far greater user experience. In the process we were also able to transform their brand and give their digital presence a much more modern and contemporary look.

Responsive Website

My role: Research, Information Architecture, all UI design

Co-collaborators: Isaac Feeney + Mitch Bray

Financial Services made Simple

When we started the project the company had 14 different financial services advertised on their website. We quickly realised whilst working with customers and potential users that this was in fact a complication and a big turn off. So we helped the company radically simply its focus to 4 key areas.

Leaving Lasting Impressions with Icons

A vital part of this project was the completion of an icon library that provided the company with the language to communicate it's services and the benefits of these services. I created a modern, versatile and fun set that brought their old and out dated bullet points to life!

Designed for Mobile

Part of the client’s request was to ensure the website was designed to be incredibly user friendly for Mobile.

iPhones 1.1 _3x.jpg

Incredibly Responsive

The website was designed for a seamless experience across all devices - desktop, tablet and mobile.

Responsive 1.1.png
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